Silver Forest - ケロ⑨ Destiny : How it was made ♥

2010/04/28 17:28
Kero Kero Kero ~ !

This fandub is fully 100% Haru made!
the harmonies, vocals, adlibs, squeals, and all ~

Every fandub has its own difficulties ~ As for this one , my hardest part on that song was the millions of kero on the start page x3

Problem 1: Kero kero on the beginning ~
Kran told me to just cut the part, i tried but it sound like asuidngasudslaidmgaiudgmaldbaudg xD so change of plans, I found an alternative one, which is that Kero Kero Kero but speak it slowly ~ and add an extra cute kero at the end ~ Then Solve! ♥ I just hope you guys liked it ~ D: or not..

Problem 2: Sensei Cirno Cirno Cirno Cirno Cirno ~ Start one
I tried this one for like 8196308716239160293610 <--she's chatting at skype *o*
then my cirno is like cirno. xD<--that doesnt make sense XD IKR! XD
so i tried "ciruno" then amplify ~ Left and right ~ I used and different session of au ~
and it worked fine ~ Tried syncing it with the vid , and it went well :9

Problem 3: Harmonies
I found my hardest trial i faced on this fandub ~ *O*
Since im just girl who just rips songs from youtube,its not on its highest quality ~
and im a girl who just use "Vocal Remover" on audacity <--yes i still use audacity :9
to hear the harmonies , but this time it didnt worked quite well ~so my harmonies are like "OMG WTF. IT SOUNDS LIKE A SCARY HORROR HOUSE" xD seriously yes. D;
but thanks to apol ~ he taught me on how to vocal remove from au~ then i hear the harmony clearly. so i thank apol for making my 25% of my fandub much better ~

Actually this song is my early birthday gift for everyone *__* ♥
Since my birthday is like tomorrow already *april 30*
and my friends are scheming something idk what is it xD
But nee ~ I told it a lot of times
Just being Apol as my bf is the best present I could ever have ^___^