More About Me... D:

2010/05/31 11:48
Copy Pasted from Apol's Blog and Originally from ShounenT's Questions owo
here's my personal info :33

Nickname: Haru, Haru-Chan, HaruHaru, Haru-Chii, Haru-Tan (anything associated with "Haru")
Gender: Female
Birthdate: April 30 1992
Blood Type: A
Location: Antipolo
Occupation: Dentistry Student :3 (but prolly I'll be an Multi-Language course someday)
Birthplace: Marikina :3
Status: Married to Apol -shot- (someone kill me for having a bad imagination xD)

Hobbies: Chat, Stalking, Spamming, Stalking, Drawing, Singing -shot-
Strong points: Giving out my all on any particular work I have *w* b
Weak points: Laziness! Apol's "QAQ" or ";A;" or something about him crying xD
You are proud of: my covers o////w////o
Latest obsession: Listening to Apol's covers 8DD /runs / fangirling ShounenT

What do you do first upon getting home?: Drink Milk! >w<
How many hours do you sleep (average)? 8~20 hours
What is your favorite phrase? Shikatta nai yo :3
How often do you update your blog?: As often as I can >A<
What does your blog contain? My online life, my stupidity, my craziness OAO
What is your fetish? Megane *w*
What is your motto? "If you give everything you got on anything you do, Everything will work absolutely fine! "
What do you collect? Apol's voice clips ! *w* / Kran's voice clips ^w^ <3

What is your favorite food? Sinigang / PASTA *w* / Pudding <3 / anything sour x3
What is your hated food? Talbos ng Kamote =A= bleegh!
What is your favorite sport? Chess <3
Who are your favorite artists? John Lly..nvm XD Choucho and Nayuta! <3
What is your favorite manga? Dengenki Daisy *v*
What is your favorite magazine? Newtype Magazine :3
What is your favorite book? Stainless Longganisa by Bob Ong
What is your favorite movie? I forgot owo Its a movie where everyone dies in the end owo <3
What is your favorite song? URA OMOTE LOVERS!! *A* /drools
What is your favorite game? Patapon 2 =w=
What is your favorite place? Terrace // School <3
What is your favorite animal? Sheeps :3 // fave pet: Dog *w*
What is your favorite way of spending your holidays? Eating some huge ice cream with friends on Mini Stop :33
What is your favorite color? Light yellow // Baby Pink :3
What is your favorite word? URUSE D:< / raep
What is your ideal type? Funny person <3
What is your hated type? Liar type / Show off type -shot-

If you can only have one wish granted, what would it be? To be a great seiyuu -shot-
What is something that you cannot disrupt or compromise? My sleeping time. xD
Where would you go on a date? o///w///o Hotel Anime Con!! *A*
What will you do if you win the lottery? I DONT WANNA WIN. TAKE IT INSTEAD! D8<
What do you think were you in your previous life? A roaming cloud! *w*
What will you do at the last day of the world? Prolly bang raep Apol -shot-
What animal are you like? A dog with a rabis xD
When do you feel happy? When I talk to Apol o///w///o / when someone feeds me something xD (haru = pig)
What did you want to become when you were a kid? A Teacher =w=
What do you want to be if you're born again? I dont to be born again. =w= im happy the way my life it is right now *w*
What's the most expensive thing you've bought? My cellphone x3
What is your current ring tone? "itsumo soba ni kitte kudasai---KYAAAAAAAAAAAA asliudmsaugd o///w////o Apol's first monthsary gift for me <3 (online gift)
What do you want to challenge right now? To sing Ura Omote :3
Where do you want to travel to right now? Netherlands! Paris! France! Japan! Pampanga -shot-
What is something that is essential to you? Laptop, my Dog plushie, and my Baby Dog x3
If you can only eat one kind of food every day for a month, what would it be? BUKO!! *A*

Thats all *w*