aaahh~n <3

2010/06/24 23:58
Today is absolutely a wonderful day for me x3

Shock, Kana and I went to trinoma together and watched Toy Story 3 <3
It was awesommeee I wish for another movie sequel ;w; but yeaah that was the final movie *cries*
its like nanoha LOL I WANT MORE!!

and oh I bought some stuff at trinoma, *lists it down*
1. Slippers *because the other slippers i was wearing hurts me* ;w; my feet 8 OAO FAT FEET! D8<
2. A rilakkuma keychain *shock and I haz it* <3
3. a ******* for aporu <3

and next week shock and I would buy the domo bag we saw *Q* *drools all over it*

btw xD I havent told this blog that I have a new mic xD
for details see Aporu's blog:

oh finally <3
Atlast our hardwork was paid of <3
its the paking Palette <3

This is the replacement of Bad Apple, xD
Thank you soo much for the 600th and 700th subs x3 <3
and Belated Happy Birthday Kurin <3

The people who participated in this project / cover / band cover / w/e :

Aporu - He does ALL the work =w= b from animating to mixing and the photoshop xD
and the upload itself xD soo just imagine, while im watching a movie with friends, he's there, uploading xDD ahaha xD
Eyes-chan - Her vocals are soo sooo smooth *O* seriously <3 When I was recording Palette, I was like "APOL AYOKO NAAAAA REPLACE MEEEEE!" for a week XDD but apol always refuses >A> *shoots apol* well i want to change because..I dont want to dissappoint eyes' since I am sucky QAQ
but it turns out well I think <3 THE SCREAMO'S DOESNT. xD oh ffff
Aska- I'm soo lucky to have a pro drummer. XD I just asked him the night , and he agreed to it XD early morning he passed the drums xD it was like soo fast XD <3
And Aska stop ************ LOL xD

soo im done (?) XD
yatta ! 88888888 <3