Updates! (Part 1 of 3)

2010/08/27 13:06
OMG its been a while since I wrote here xD (Its gonna be a long one for sure xD)
So my friend Kishi here has been ranting that I should write on my blog XD (thanks for reminding me kishi) besides kishi reminding me, I feel guilty about the continous blog views/counters/hits Ive got. ;w; (Its like 4-10 people per day) and I feel guilty about them seeing same old blog entry D:

mm ~ lets start at Aug. 16 2010

InstantCurry = http://www.youtube.com/user/InstantCurry1010 created a mixdown for us and doubie XD <3
it was awesome since doubie is a member and a part of our chorus group (now you know one of our members. be scared. 8D loljk)


^click that one since if i put it here, It might go ruined my blog page ; A ;

you should hear it 8D <3
it awesome *A* b <3

Aug. 19 2010 : D

Around aug 19, theres an enis meetup, (presenting the Enis' regulars: Shock, Kanis, Suroy, Ritz, Silver and meeee) this time Pat joins us :3 (pat = shock and ritz' friend). Ritz and I ate frozen yogurt (FRO YO FTW *A*) and we gossiped about ritz' and suroy's relationship *A* <3 aah~ theyre soo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! <3 besides from gossiping we went to timezone (our goal there is actually sing but it has reserve thingy) so we just played some games xD (SUROY - KING OF ARCADE GAMES.) Kanis and Ritz went missing but shock and I continued playing ddr/teknika/the o2 jam thingy etc etc. xD it was fun xD then after the ddr, i watched shock and pat play that throw thingy and then watch silver play the gun thingy idk. Its around 7 when we got hungry so we waited for kanis and ritz' to come then ate at chowking. Shock left early ; A ; too bad she didnt received Silver's "tagay ng tagumpay" Yakult. xD (another suroy's makabagdamdamin quote: "may damdamin din ako" I have feelings too)

Aug 21 2010
Yaaaaaaaay Happy Happy 4th Monthsary >w< //
It was around 12 (actually 1) That Apol gave me his heart warming monthsary gift --his little traveler. *w*

We were like calling that time suddenly tears came out of my eyes (I asked if I can mute since crying in call is like. totally embarrassing >//////< ) I keep crying around 10 mins. : D after that I unmute the call then his voice suddenly becomes soo manry my ears began to melt >///< he keep saying "i love you " and "happy monthsary" kyaaaaaaaaaa ;/////;

after that we went to sleep (since we'll have a date later on) but that night I continued crying ;w; since I was playing my iPod when suddenly it was the song that played. goddam song.;w; I love you Apol ; A ; <3 youre the greatest guy on earth ;A; b <3 I should sing to you on our next monthsary. ;w; but..meh. I'm lazy. 8D you do know I really love you right? :'D

So we went on a date xD HE WAS LATE! ; A ; uasidisaudga!! I waited for like 30mins on him ;A; then he came o///w///o yay!
I cant tell more of the details o////o *I'll just enumerate it*
- We ate Sisig <3
- Bought some Pocky and h20
- We played at Timezone <3
- We watch Cats vs Dogs
- Went Circles *were looking for nbs* XD;;
- Ate Dinner
- I ate his awesome chocolate nomnom <3
- Bought a (apol calls it a teruterubozu) keychain for our cellphone <3
- Apol bought me a new wallet (or idk what it is called)

after that, we went home yay ! /o/ the taxi driver was kind enough to let me go first <3

the keychain :
Kinda searched on google. it is teruterubozu XD
apol has one too hee hee xD

the wallet:
He I told him my wallet came from my ex, he was like "LETS BUY A NEW WALLET!"
(the heart keychain came from him : D the rilakkuma from shock and the pokeball from Apol too <3) Its soo cute *A*

and omg we saw this awesome fluffy jellyfissh *A* <3 too awesome <3
*A* <3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! i wanna buy it *A* <3
osdihgajkslfsdk <3 but yeah it was expensive. =x i'll go save for it atm ;w; <3

ah i'll continue the second part after I eat xD