100 reasons I love about Apol

2010/09/29 02:22
*Lovey Dovey Alert* = w = ;; this entry is pure 100% percent about Apol. (read blog # 94 for details)

okay lets start : D

100 things I love about Apol

1. He is humble and down to earth
2. He never brags. He just lies.. about his manryi-ness (ily hun *runs*)
3. He is so sweet <3 like everyday <3
4. He always listens to me when I rant
5. He's always there for me <3
6. He uses his money to load me (sorry hun)
7. He's sensitive <3
8. He is cute *///w///* (like everything he dooo)
9. He gets jealous easily and I found it soo cute *A*
10. He wakes up early and sleeps late just to chat with me ;w;
11. He has an awesome gitah skills <3
12. He has a very uke voice which I love <3
13. He makes my day <3
14. my night and day is never complete without his "oyasumi" and "ohayo"
15. He kisses me a lot of times <33
16. He always makes me his top priority <3
17. He's a great nii-chan to all <3
18. He is an uke
19. He is a gay
20. He loves to be hugged and kissed <3
21. He always laughs
22. He always makes me smile
23. He typos alot
24. When he's shy..he.. o///A////o you know that hun <3
25. He accepts for who I am..even if i am a fff pervert. XD
26. He holds my hand so tightly
27. He never let go on me
28. We love the same songs
29. He draws awesome
31. He's so thin <3
32. He always tries his best to help me when I'm troubled
33. He spends 2k ~ 3k on our dates
34. He kisses sweetly <3
35. He supports everything I do <3
36. He can cook
37. He can sing those awesome high notes <3
38. He has a good animation skills
39. He has an awesome mixing skills (he uses 4395743 presets while i just use 3 .__.)
40. He take 30 mins shower : D
41. He always cry
42. He's so adorable (I think I wrote that already)
43. He's the first one who says sorry
44. He never keeps secret (=w= or idk)
45. He never two timed on me (well were just 5 months xD but meeeeh.)
46. He's too honest
47. He's smart <3
48. Rich. *A* <3
49. He cooks good chocolate <3
50. He always sings in our monthsary <3 (like sweet ones)
51. He always have a gift for me *A* like every dates XD
52. When we date, my tummy is always full XD
53. He isnt afraid to go to Manila just to see me
54. He always makes my day right
55. He makes me happy : D
56. He understands me on every mood I have
57. He is very calm (never see him angry except 1 time o A o or 2)
58. He always calls me /o/ (he spent like 3 idd cards already)
59. He never ask for anything
60. He loves me sooo much
61. He accepts me for who I am
62. He appreciates what I am
63. He makes my life worth a living
64. He's my ouji-sama
65. He's my danna
66. He's my slave
67. He's my uke (only mineeeeeee)
68. He loves Rei
69. <-- he loves that number
70. He loves Tsuki
71. He loves Haru so much /o/
72. He hides his problems (?)
73. He cares on everyone
74. He has like 037503457537 fangirls
75. Any person cant resist his uke plead *A* <3 (even me)
76. He has a certain goal
77. He is serious about me
78. He is serious on our relationship
79. He's always on skype waiting for me
80. He always text me when something happens to me
81. He worries about me
82. He likes pink -shot-
83. He tries to change for me (but dont plox. i love you that way)
84. He loves to be teased
85. He loves to be bullied
86. He loves to eat XDD?
87. He loves to spend his money for my sake
88. He bought a ring just for the two of us *///A///*
89. His first gift was a huge dog stuff toy *A* <3
90. He's handwriting is awesome


91. He stays by my side, even if im the one who's wrong
92. He never said "no" on my favors , except when I tease him gay
93. He supports me on what I do, it may be something stupid, or in studies
94. He always makes me feel comfortable and safe
95. He loves me very much
96. We date weekly (when I was on Manila)
97. He sings to me when were on call <3 *A*
98. He gives me awesome bed pics / awesome pics of his hotness on me *A* *A* *A* *spasm*
99. He never let me down

oh gosh that was ..... long . anyway yeah. thats apol for me <3
i love you hun, youre very special too me, thank you so much for being there for me,
stay with my side forever : D