Haru's suicidal tips for dem desperate love

2011/10/12 06:17

Okay, so I tried to write about this because my IRL friends and I are talking about this earlier. And I said, "OHH WHY NOT BLOG THIS. BECAUSE I THINK IT IS COOL".

Okay, so basically we talked about those people who blackmailed their girlfriends/boyfriends to end their life by killing themselves if they broke up. This is actually a desperate attempt to keep the relationship going. Well, to be frank, I wouldn't stop you. I'd actually let you do that. Derp I am actually blogging this for tips how to end your life man. so be happy that someone is supporting you until to the end of your life. yeey!

oh oh ps: this is only applied on love relationship. money,family problems are not included.

okay so uh lets start the list!

1.) If you plan to kill yourself, don't tell it to the public.

duuude don't tell it to anyone, unless you want sympathy from others. tbh, people who announce that they will kill themselves is more of like attention whoring.. or they want to be pitied. (stigma people are exempted). Aside from that I'm sure 60% of the people don't really care about you (they'd just think your some attention seeker). 30% of the people would be concerned, but wouldnt talk to you (because they think youre being an emo and shizz) and 10% of the people (w/c are your friends) who'd atleast worry. ( MAJORITY WOULDN'T CARE. im srs.)

Well if you're a really really good guy/girl. I'd recommend you shouldn't announce it to public. I'm sure you don't want your friends to worry about you. because you're just being a burden to everyone. If you want to die, do it in a peaceful way . :O

2.) Think about your parents

these people financed you, and you just want to end it all by a relationship? dude. before you plan to suicide, atleast try to finish your studies and pay them. Let them cruise on a huge ship or have a Hawaiian vacation w/e. Also think of the future, what would they say to those people who will come to your funeral? "ohh he suicided because they broke up with his/her ex" . Isn't that humiliating? Think ahead and think of your funeral and what will people say.

3.) Think about your funeral

Okay, before you plan to suicide, can you leave a note where there's some money for your coffin and other funeral needs? (like the cemetery lot, your gravestone [we call it lapida], and flowers). I don't really mind whatever's on the note (NO ONE WILL CARE ANYWAY) so just leave some money, it'll be approximately around $100,000 (not sure) but it'll be less if youre just renting a coffin. I know it's so much but HEEY it'll be a less burden to those people you love. :'D

Oh you can also write about your funeral song. (I recommend NYANYANYANYANYA or Mozaik role piano ver), and those people who'd like to visit your dead body. Also you can write about dress motif! oh thats cool, I'd recommend polka dots. its kewl man.

4.)Your place / Way of suicide

uhh just don't pick a place where we'd see your body soggy and gross. Dont jump on bridges, (if you want to look pretty on your coffin), you can slit, or drink poison. thats better yeah. But watch out, killing yourself is painful. and you'll definitely go to hell.

Suicidal No-No's: (because you'd look ugly if you do this.)
any car accidents, jumping on a bridge/building/anywhere, rope hanging (idk how to say this), burning, freezing to death, jumping in the plane, electrifying yourself,and lastly anything that would ruin your beautiful face. (you think of others)

Suicidal Yes-Yes:
Anything that be drunk: poison, muriatic acid, sulfur, pills,

Suitable places: Your room, dark alley, any dark places would be fine.

p.s: dont kill yourself on ANY transportation like subways, street cars or buses. because we people dont want to be delayed by your stupid suicide. thanks.

5.) He/she is not the only one out there.

IF UP TO STILL NOW YOU STILL PLAN TO SUICIDE. just remember he/she is not the only one out there. you have your friends and family. you started living without him before, so i'm pretty much sure you can do that again. wish for his happiness. because IF YOU FUCKING LOVE HIM/HER YOU'D LET HIM/HER GO.

im running out of thoughts. stupid spongebob BAHYAYAYAYAA-ING ON THE TV.
anyway I think that's all for today.
I hope I inspired you (what)