2011/02/20 01:58
Hii guys! owo) Hisashiburiii
Im sorry if im neglecting my blog, : D i can see lots of people still going here, i think you guys are waiting for my blog to post something so I'm soo sorryyy ;;A;;

Lets stay on the topic shall we ? <3
Okay Updates, Let's see

Ah Apol and I have uploaded a Suki Kirai Cover <3 ( Click me! )
first of all, I wanted to say we're the first one in youtube who covered that song *///u///* and I'm really really happy that everyone liked our song : D THAT SONG WAS SO HARD MY VOCAL CORDS EXPLODED. ;;A;;


see, 400+ tracks 3__3 ;;

next is I made my first animation video, Its a fukkireta meme * u * ) //
( Click me! )


meet my Oc, : D she has a short hair and a long hair at the same time : D
The people love it *///u///* thanks so much ! <33
That actually have like 11 frames. XD + 1 because of the background : D
I still suck at coloring and lineart ; u ; but ill do my best ;A;) <3
I like doing animations.

BTW thanks so much for the 1,600 subs aahh ! ;;A;; im so happy.. ; u ; <33
*huggles everyone*

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