What to blog.. owo;;

2011/02/21 08:37
Happy monthsary to me and my Apol <3333
uwuu he's so cute <33
he stayed up to 1 am just to greet me a happy monthsaryy ;;A;; <3
then he gave a awesome gift ;;A;; i love you sezy apol ; u ;
you're like the greatest guy ever ;;A;;
i don't really know if I can post his gift here. owo;;
I better ask him ^ w ^)

BTW If you liked to be spammed, I'm always on twitter : D and I reply yay /o/
Im not mostly on yt because..its boring. *shot* NO NO i mean
you have to load pages = boring

So what's up eh, let's see monday = no classes
its family day, but mom has work. = u = ;;
oh well 8D <3

have a nice holiday you sezy people! owo) b


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