Re_Blog: YTC's meet up @ O-zine Fest 2010 ~ (´・ω・`)

2010/04/10 06:20
I call Re: Blog *or reply blog* to an old event which i will write just now ~ =w=

anyway ~ we skype people -calls ourselves as enis- ~ *that lives in the philippines ~ : shock, me , ritz and saku* decided to meet each other @ o-zine fest 2010 , held at sm megamall , friday *yes it was yesterday ~ im sorry if i didnt blog it yet was tired OTL* our meeting was supposed to be around 8:00 am for the karaoke contest ~ but idk xD it turned to be around 9.30 pm because they waited for saku and I was at the fx ~ waiting for passengers :33

while I was waiting ~ I bought a watermelon shake from zagu since its awesome and im thirsty OAO; <--yes i love lots of h20 than foodies * =w= and so i waited for them at jollibee and they came *w* yup were reunited ~ x3 i was happy though ~ it was like we knew each other from the very beginning and theres no *hey-we-just-meet* atmosphere around them ~ we chatted like there was no yesterday -shot- anyway XD there was this long line on the mall where in we superbly pass though *idk whats the english of siningitan* GGRKS please =w=

anyway ~ we were amazed how long the line is when we entered ~ i got like number 279 -shot- xD so no freebies for us ~ but we liked the stores <3
there was this hat store ~ and there was a pedo bear *v* i bought it *-* pat bought a neko hat too ~ it was super cuute ♥ ah ~ after we got fascinated at the awesome hats xD we tried to look at the karaoke registration booth xD we went to our right side and we asked where is the karaoke booth, the woman pointed at some stage i think xD so *eto naman kami umikot sa buong lugar* we guys roamed around stupidly to look for the booth xD but then we found out the registering @ karaoke contest was exactly the place where we asked xD *i wanna slap ate there* D<

anyway it took about 30 mins for registering xD since shock, saku and ritz are kinda backing up ~ but eventually they decided to go because of the "maiba taya" <--"the different will be the "it" shock first, then saku then ritz :33

okay next will be ~ mm we stalk some cosplayers ~ me and pat bought a hat ♥ yay ♥
then we stalk some hatsune miku cosplays ~ there is this one time that a miku cosplayers skirt was stucked at her bag xD idk who noticed it ~ i think saku or pat or idk xD
and then we stalked a ban cosplayer~ OMG I LOVE BAN !
he's hot and he smells great ;w; ♥
I wish i could see him again ♥♥

okay then me and shock played a trivia game and ofcourse we guys fail xD
but ritz and saku and pat i think is much better XD
-shot- xD and some fat chinese english speaking guys with no life called us "SHOW OFFS" D: hey its not like i watch shounen mangas ~ xD
and theyre lifeless i tell you,. XD LIFELESS!

after that we sang @ the karaoke contest ~ x3
Im proud that ritz, saku and shock gave their all in the contest ~ theyre freaking awesome ! well in my part just going in that stage with many people watching you is pretty admirable =w= ♥

after the karaoke ~ we went to eat at the foodcourt then came back and stalk some cosplayers again -shot- ♥

then we watched some awesome dance group competition =w= awesome ? yes they are =w= ♥

around 6 we went home and say farewells ~ group hugs are awesome ♥
You guys are awesome www
I look forward to meet you guys again ♥

I love Ban!

from left to right ~ Shock , Me , Ban *my self proclaimed bf -shot, and Ritz and Saku =w=
Pat took this one ♥
To the next con! >w<

btw. i got in @ the top 15 but didnt end up with the top 5 x3
its okay for me though xD im happy i got in the 15 :3
-positive- =w=

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