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2010/04/10 07:00

Yay ~ This vid is dedicated for my 2 year net best friend nyaa-chan ~ although i know i suck big time but she told me she really like the vid and it made her cry ~ ♥

Anyway ♥ the content are listed in an chronological order ~
☆ Haru's Spiritual Garden Fandub
☆ Voice Clips made by Me, Kairi, Manon, Weaponizedx and Jon *Nii Nii D< and Kero didnt made it* well kero did but its a happy birthday only ~ Dx <--evil
☆ Messages from her friends & Guildmates

Haru's Spiritual Garden Fandub
First here are the lyrics :

Even after I become an adult, I won't forget the day we met by chance, my love.
In this place where flowers bloom wholeheartedly, I was looking for you
Do you remember our promise? My love.. I love your smile

The day that door of secrets opened,
I was chasing a small, white butterfly.
And when I was lost on my path and wanted to cry,
Were you the one who taught me of my "true wishes and feelings"?

I was protected by your gently feelings.
I'm sure you were spoiling me the whole time.
I will always keep you precious to me, my love..
I won't forget anyone

Okay so yea I could not chose a better song than this to symbolize how much nyaa is important to my life ~ She is a precious person in my life , she always helps me, if theres something wrong with me, she always thinks positive :3
That trait, being positive everytime was the trait that influcenced me ~ usually im really an emo person, i get what i want. yeaaa. but nyaa thought me of valuable lessons that would influcenced me irl too ~ ;3
I love her soo much ~ :33

The Voice Clips ~
vc = voice clips

I was supposed to ask chii, kero and nii nii about the voice clip part ~ but they didnt send it in the time being which took me for like 4 am to sleep ~ <--had difficulties with those ~
I could understand kero's side but nii nii xD i wanna slap him D: since he's like always online but idk xD he's always away ~ the time that we were chatting to give his vc ~ he just blurted alsdnaludishmald and asdhnadmhah which i do not even know xD
anyway Manon's vc is super nice ~ ♥ I love it ~ as well as Jons :3
ofc kevin's and balinh's too ♥
Ah i really timed Jon's Vc to be the last and to finish the part where in he says "i love you" to emphasize that he really loves nyaa-chan ~ :3
Jon is nyaa's bf =w= back off guys D:<

The Messages
I found this one the easiest part ~ since It was like really easy xD
nothing to say with the people here ~ they really helped me :33
im soo happy ~ *-*
some half assed it though xD i didnt care though, i just liked the fact that they would give simple messages to nyaa-chan :3
nee? =w=

plus they really keep it a secret =w= Happy? YES!

oh right ~ Candy Baby I heard was nyaa's fave song so its featured there PLEASE DONT MAKE MY ACCOUNT GO BANNED OR SO ;A;

Okay I started this around.. April 04 ~ asked them for Vc :3
the deadline was about April 06 but then moved to 07 :3
yup kinda rushed it though. and you know guys know what xD i waited for kero & Nii Nii's Response for like.. 4 am in the morning. XD

Video Editing

Nyaa's Comments ~ :

10/04/2010 7:03:39 PM [c=6]Alexandra[/c] ハルいちご thank youX3
10/04/2010 7:03:43 PM [c=6]Alexandra[/c] ハルいちご i really loved the video~<@
10/04/2010 7:03:46 PM [c=6]Alexandra[/c] ハルいちご *cried*xD

Thanks for the people who helped me with this ~ =w=


Thanks for the 170 subs btw xD
and im on some hiatus mode xD
will try to reply you guys i promise :3

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