Hiatus for 2 weeks

2011/05/16 06:52
Uhh how to start this.
Okay so yesterday, my laptop suddenly burst out magical green and pink pixel colors out of nowhere. Apparently my LCD is broken, so it have had to be repaired.
(it goes like this http://twitpic.com/4xp2md look. D8)

I'm taking a 2 week break from everything. (youtube, facebook, skype)
I'm absolutely on twitter though. because its the only site that my blackberry can handle (and my sister's laptop probably.)

If I had any deadlines with you guys for this future 2 weeks. I'm sorry but I can't hand them in. Feel free to remove me from the chorus. (sob)

As for the duets, we'll still continue. huuurr. but it won't be done after this 2 weeks of pain and agony.

As for the mixing, I'm sorry but I can't hand them in, You can find another mixer if you are impatient.

Okay I think that's all. ; A ;)

see you in two weeks! (DM/TWEET ME ON TWITTER THOUGH)


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