♥ Haru say thanks for 170 subs ~ ♥

2010/04/12 03:55
oh God. its just 2010/04/06 since i last say thank you for 160 subs ~ xD
so i would like to say thank you soo muuuuch ~~ ♥

anyway ~ I offer you guys my Kokoro ~ kokoro ココロ or 心 ~
Actually this was the first vocaloid song i heard before miku ~

I used auto-tune <-- yeah my auto tune epicly fail ~ just for everyone want to know what key i used ~ i used G major. according to my research it was supposed to be a D minor. I tried D minor. but it was like ;asdhnmamhd;ahd,uabgda :3
and yes. it wouldnt be so awesome without the help of kran ~ so Kran-sama ~ Thank you soo much ~ I awe you lots ~ *^* <3
Kran gave us her settings of her auto-tune ~ so thanks soo much ♥

I Used a lot of effects in this kokoro which made my program laggy ~ XD So laggy i cant hear the outcome. OTL

back on my lol days i try to sing that song, but i failed terribly. xD
but this one i think is the most decent of them all ~ =w=

anyway i found my kokoro good ~ =w= I think.

Okay I gtg now ~ *-* ♥

gonna eat halo-halo since its super hot! OAO


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