♥ Change of Layout ~♥

2010/04/15 12:29
Yay Ive changed my cutesy layout to something simple and elegant ~ =w=
Im just searching at somelol layouts for fc2 web then i found this ~ :3 its simple and cute ~ OAO ♥

Whats wierd today is what I did for suntamu and apol xD
i was..moaning. i was like wtf. D:
in front of suntamu../facepalm.
^ seriously what is on my mind. OTL now i think sun think im a lolpervert. ='<
Take Note: I drink 1 Liter of REAL LEAF. Now thats the source. tsk3.

and ive realized. i cant do 10 msn chats / 3 skype groups / 4 skype pms / 6 fb chats and 8 ym's my desktop is freaking full. xD i should screenie it next time XD

anyway enjoy reading my lolblogies :3
if you guys want to read back my previous entries of blogies ~ you can click the calendar up there OR the Recent journals on the lol side bars on my left side bar ~

and yay ~ its isnt a month that my bloggy hits for almost 100th views xD
im kinda happy ~ atleast some 5~ 10 people drop by to read my lolblog ;A; ♥

anyway i did a little change on my YT, I added the about me desc :3
if your lazy to type my freaking long id name, just click the link on my right sidebar again and try to read it. xD

Oh God. Hooplas for the last 4 subs that would sub me.OTL then ill reach the epic 200th sub xD
Im studying the step to you song. its freaking hard i tell you. xD

I hope you still support haru-chan despite of her epic lazyness D;

^ feels like a old man Pervert.

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