Haru says Thank you for her 200 subbies (´∀`)

2010/04/16 16:08
First of all, I could not express my gratitude to my 200th subbies ~ x3
although I'm aware that.. Theres one who desubbed me. *i wonder who that is* x3
But YAY *O* And guess what ~ ♥ BlitzAce95 (w/c is Rai *____*) is my 200th Subscriber! x3

Want a proof?

^ ( ゚Д゚) Just click it//
^ Its one of my wishlist that Rai-sama would sub me. xD You guys should know that admire Rai-sama so much . xD so yesterday I cried and I was like "SOMEONE KILL ME!!" <--pretty much like the Kurin Reaction ~

omg. XD if you guys didnt know, i admired rai so much to the point i always stalk him at skype. x3 im just a lolfangirl though x3

besides when i reached my 200lol subs ~
we guys. (enis that is) spammed formspring to death O(≧∇≦)O <--retard
You guys wanna check our formsprings ~ x3
Its fuuun 8D
My formspring link ish on the left sidebar, on the "Links" part

Its Saturday.. Suntamu and I had a lolbet last night. We have to get him 200th SUBS TODAY D;
or else Ill be Punished D: ffff-- SOMEONE HELP ME!! /gaah!

I'll be at school around ~ 10 pm in the morning ~ I have to enroll my dropped subject ~ or else i wont be a regular student -- shit.

Oh gawd. I reached my birthday dream. you think i should aim for more? like 210 prolly. omg thats too much /burns

haru is crap. beware. i'll eat ya.

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