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2010/04/20 06:16

Okay so yea. my formspring got glitched i think. No idea why but i can see/type anything on my lolinbox ~
No more formspring atm till they fix my account or inbox ;A;
hidooii gaa! >3<

And Yay its greg's birthday~ for the first time, we didnt spent his birthday together ~ =w=
It was sad, but peaceful on my part HOHOHO♥ <--Its a Glitch I tell you xD


It started yesterday when i somehow tried to look and dig my old fandubs of mine xD and its funny that i have this "hyper" dubs where in i look like stupid and all ~ I'll put a link for it xD so that you guys would hear my fail and funny <--she thinks it funny D8
loldubs ~
1.) Melt Scream Date Created : Jan 15, 2010
2.)Jbm <-- She had a chocolate overdose Date Created: March 27 2010
3.)1925 "perverted Version" <--was supposed to be on April fools day Date created: March 28 2010
4.)Fail Smiling Rap <--Just recently Date Created: April 19 2010


Okay the fail part ~ We went to Miki *we call her mikeki* to have our band practice for the upcoming competition at antipolo, then we didnt know that their dog was on the loose that time , so we sneaked in *we simply trespassed* so yea we sneaked in xD then suddenly xD their dog was there and chased us till the other side of the roadXD
good thing mikeki's mom was there or else we've been dead meat now =w=;;
so for trespassing we have to do this ~

Chai: gets to draw *w*

Me: will make a ringtone ~

So I have to make a lol ringtone ~ and the phrase was ~
"You have a message! get it or i'll burn your cellphone to pieces" <--should be japanese ofc ~so we had an early dismissal after that ~ =w=
and then i asked Arkey *my awesome japanese friend who speaks english* so it was translated as
"messeji ga todoki mashita ! uketora nakyao mae no keitai wo yai te barabara ni shiteyaruyo"

and i added "yohoo" idk why but...yeah ._.

If you guys want to hear my epic fail ringtone fail click this one
----> YAY i fucking suck.


Yay Atlast ~ =w=
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Haru's Twitter

Thats all for today ~ lots happen ~ xD
i should also say that I had a hater/s xD oh wow xD

Thanks for the 220 subs ♥

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