Kero 9 Destiny ~ :3

2010/04/28 08:05
Sorry I havent update this baka blog for a long time xD this is for my youtube videos, but eventually i havent post any vids after my kokoro so its lolempty ausdgnliaundgliaungdaiungda

My latest fandub is Silver Forest: Kero 9 destiny ~ *w* Its the first time I'll do Tohou song~ I hope my friends like it ~ <3

Here's a sneak peek ~ *w*
Haru_Kero 9

I'm sorry if im always getting fail blogs XD
I still havent replied on some of the profile comments on youtube ~ Dx

I'll upload kero 9 destiny when kran likes it :33
KRAN <-- judge x3

we even have some kran dictionary xD
KranChorus - a chorus wherein after Kran dubbed it, were gonna sing it xD
Krandreams - dreams about kran
Krangasm - when you came on kran
krangirl - fangirl xD

yea im pretty much online on skype ~ chatting x3
oh msn too *w* v

off naw. gonna chat with my hun ;3


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