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2010/05/05 23:10
OMG ! Im sorry i havent updated in a week ~ or more D:
since im busy *with someone* ~ and besides I have a life too *__*

So I dont know where to start updating ~ OAO;; should i start from April 21 or April 30 ?

Prolly on April 30 ~ x3 sorry i cant publicly say how me and apol got together, because it was a priceless experience..and im not sharing fufufu. x3

Anyway, back to the track ~ I saw something awesome today (May 06 2010) I was stalking Kran-sama for a while ~ And look *w*


I AM ON KRAN'S RELATED CHANNEL!! pasudgmsudgmsauidpgu !! ;w; Its too awesome i cant handle the asdmpasudpgasudgpmsaugd >//////<
You guys pretty much knew how much I admire and stalk kran everyday ~ I ask her for opinions, Au stuff, and she usually judge my covers before it would be released out of the public (like my kero 9 destiny) ~ ♥ We've talking on skype and msn alot ~ She's pretty awesome once you get to know her ! oh wait she's awesome even if you dont know much know her *w* and i must say ~ Kran is a very very good friend indeed~ ♥♥

Links where you can stalk her *CHECK HER NOW!*:
Kran's Youtube
Kran's Formspring
Kran's Blog~

And yes! I did made this blog because of Kran,<--stalking purposes I think I kinda mentioned that on my first blogpost ~ x3

Next ~ I screenied this one because I found it once in a blue to look at ~


I seriously dont want to have a higher sub than apol though,
since Apol has like the best vocaloid guitar covers on youtube ~ okay he's not Japanese, so make it as an exception x3
so yeah he deserves more subs ~ *w*
GO SUB HIM. NOW. link > Apolxcore's yt ~

Seriously guys xD I dont deserve 300 subs xD. I saw many fandubbers who deserves more subs than I do. :3 I swear. *w* My only dreams is to have a 50 ~ 70 subs x3 but it was tripled.
So thank you ~ x3 you guys give me inspiration to sing more x3
Sorry if i was slacking too, xD im so dam lazy because of the hot weather ~ :9

and im sorry..im seriously not confident about my 300 subs OTL


Eli-chan (Eliantii) made an fc2 blog ~ Link > エリア♥SUNFLOWER LOVE I pretty much learn how her name is originated and i was like "SUGOI DAAA" Eliantii means "Sunflowers" in Italy. Its pretty awesome seriously ~ x3

and yes i screenied something again ~ *w*


when i saw this one i was like "O///////O omg-------" <-- Speechless
You guys should know *or some..or maybe just apol knew about it* that I really admire Eli-chan from the beginning ~ I found her because i wanted to sing "kimi no shiranai monogatari" and her dub was the first thing that caught my attention~ when i always feel down, I always look at her kimi ni song, and somehow that song always reliefs me x3
We dont chat much (we do profile comments thingy and IM TOO NERVOUS TO TALK TO HER ON MSN AND SKYPE OTL)but I always admire her from the sidelines~ She's an awesome singer that I should say deserve more subs than I have right now~ ♥ She has lots of awesome songs besides from her kimi ni shiranai~~though ~ *w* You should seriously check her out ~ ♥♥

omg I wrote lots xD
Theres more to come *__* I'll be on blogging spree ~ ♥
well..i'll do it after I reply to those many profile comments xD

Thank you soo much for reading this one xD
and~ thanks for the 7~4 people who reads or happens to see this blog x3
THANK YOU ~ *w* b

-ハル ♪

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zomg I see my blog *o*

Wow, I can't believe you like my Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari that much. *_____* Thanks! I admire Haru-chan as well--Your voice is so cute and professional and AWESOME.! ...like how I want my voice to sound, and it sounds so much like Haruhi and Konata(!!!!! That's so COOOL~! *O*)!

lol I am a bit nervous to chat with you on Skype and MSN too xD *is not the type to start conversations* but I'm always available for chatting (if my status is 'online'), so feel free to chat with me. x333


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