☆ Haru-Chan's Offline Birthday ~ ( April 29, April 30, May 01, May 02) ☆

2010/05/06 01:00
(This will be a long blog =w= ;;)

Yessu~ This are the 4 dates that I was on hiatus on youtube ~
Since Its my 18th Birthday, I'll have to live it to its fullest right ? :33
I was on skype though ~ x3 well on the night that is :3
anyway here are the scheds that time ~ :3

April 29 - Neighborhood
April 30 - College Friends
May 01 - House Party
May 02 - Highschool friends :3

Lets Start with April 29 ~

April 29 - Neighboorhood

We actually have a group here in the neighborhood, So on April 29, We went to Sta. Lucia, and me and my three friends *girls* are on a genderbend mode *yes. we genderbend* x3
We ate our favorite takuyaki and sadly my friend's tongue was burned. xD then we eat sagu and try clothes on the local shops there x3

Its kinda funny that one time on the Penshoppe store, I was about to try a blouse for a girl, the saleslady said "Ay Kuya hindi po pwede isuot ng lalaki ang damit pangbabae"
or "Excuse mister, but we cant let you fit a girl's clothes if your a guy"
I said sorry and we guys left the shop silently. Then we burst into laughter after a few shops away from that store. xD It seems that I look manry on my genderbending mode hee hee. x3

After we bought cute personalized pins that says "baka baka baka"

we bought a zagu and went home, after that I was shocked that my friends of mine bought my a HUGE BEAR aishmdasdoihadsad its a pink cute bear ~ *w*
My sister has a blue bear one, a little smaller and she calls it "Haru" (w/c is me i think)
So the guys named the pink bear "Apol" and sprayed an axe on the bear so it would smell "manly" xD after that my sister gave me a cute necklace *____* which i absolutely adore ~ ♥

After that suprise thingy my friends went home ~ ♥ Oh yeah we chat a lot before they left ~ x3
Then on the night I was on Skype :3

Apol, greeted me "Happy Birthday" exactly at 12:00mm <--was very happy *w*
same goes with Nyaa, Manon, Shock and Jon ~ x3 ♥
Apol gave me a cute From Y to Y cover for my birthday.. But I'll explain that later on my other blog entry x3

Okay done with the April 29 ~ Next is April 30 ~

April 30 - College Friends

Actually my April 30 event was Half Online , Half Offline x3 and Half phone XD
my friends actually bombarded me with hundreds of texts and phone calls XD
So I kinda woke up around 8 am and end up leaving the house for like 2 pm already (our meeting was supposed to be 1 am)

Anyway Thanks to the people who planned to call me XD you guys are like the greatest ******s ever x3 you guys knew who you are x3
you guys planned it all xD thats pretty tricky lol x3

ofcourse my mom and dad called me~ YES THEYRE THE BEST *_____* b

okay next, I arrived at SM Manila around 4 am I think x3
then i found out my friends thingy and blah blah argued about it x3
then we watched Iron man 2. xD actually we kinda tackled on what to watch since
Marvie wants to watch Working Girls while the others like Iron Man 2 x3
but since we have guys *my both friend's BF*, We watched iron man instead x3
The movie was nice, yes :3 but I was distracted by the couples who sat beside me,, They were.. erm. french kissing. D: geez they should get a bed. xD or a room. xD

Okay so after that ~ We went to buy a new phone ~ *w*
I bought a Nokia touchscreen x3
erm. Im lazy to look..okay i looked at it xD <--phone was beside me LOL
its Nokia 5230 xD yay ~ x3

then skype then sleep ~ x3

May 01 - House Party

thats all xD

May 02 - Highschool friends

Well Lizette , Greg and I went to Mall of Asia to ice skate ~
greg gave a lot of options xD should we red box , go bowling, and do lol stuff. xD
But since i wanted to skate, we went ice skating x3 yay ~ <3 then we got lost again on our way to MoA xD /slaps greg for being stupid x3

anyway asldsaumdglaudga when we came there, we were haggard and hungry.
so we went to look for a place to eat. :3
the food court was full, as well as the other shops. so we kinda looked for a less people to eat with. and theres this lolchinese resto x3
we ate there and its like "OMFG SO EXPENSIVE"
The one meal is like.. 270+ with like a 35 php plain rice each and a 70 php bottomless ice tea. Oh yea..
the buchi is like 24 php each ! D:< so i paid 96 php for the fucking buchi's D:<
so yea.. after eating. i called Apol and rant him about our food xD

Apol = Haru's rant wall

and then we went on ice skating x3
and the ice skating is like 390 php each D: since its my birthday I treated them x3
so yea we happily skate x3
and I fell for like 2x weeee~XD stupid haru is stupid xD

after that we went to karaoke's x3 and sing to our lung's and throats desire 8D <3
I was embarrassed because i think Lizette pressed my phone's call button so it kinda called apol..and..I was singing screaming that time OTL
so yea..when i called back, he was laughing Dx It was embarrassing yea but Yano told me "Just be true to your boyfriend D:<"

After karaoke-ing we ate on the shop where in it has a frozen yogurt thingy.
mmm yummy *w* b
Lizette got mango's, i got banana's and yano got blueberries ~
yay ~ then we head of to our house, haggard again =w=


Geez. this one is a long blog ~ *O*

I love it. <3

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Wow, you were really busy, ne?
Ahh Sta. Lucia~~ I haven't been there in so long.. since I moved my house in the Philippines from Marikina to Tagaytay orz. ..and I LOVE MoA~ it's so big and wonderful ^o^
I'm glad you made the most of your B-day! ^^

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