And my youtube is an entire mess 8D

2010/05/08 18:53
Yay ~ XD this happens when you dont open your youtube and just get the notifications through mails 8D


I'll clean up my yt ~ xD Its probably stressing apol when he logs on my yt lol.XD

and another thing I notice 8D
yay lol

yay for 3...69 views fufufu. omg im starting be perv here in my blog too.XD
sorry about that desu ~ ;3

so quick news about me ~

mmm. xD not really about me, but I hear Rei (VocaloidUser01) and Tsuki (HaganeTsuki) will have a duet ~ *A*
EPIC DUET IS EPIC I TELL YA! *A* I cant wait for it ~ XDDD

They'll be singing~ Long Distance Love :3
That song..mmm I actually heard it from Jsr x Eli's ver first hee hee ~ *w* v

and about me ~ :33
mmm. Since ive been eating Halo Halo a lot lately ~ nomnom and so I got an awesome tonsillitis. ♥
I seriously need to stop eating this halo halo~XD or else my voice would get worst. D:
anyway im drinking Salabat ~ ♥ so its not a problem now.. I think D:

who could not tempt to eat cold stuff when its freakingly hot? =A= /sulks.

p.s: I got a nosebleed earlier. xD

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I can't believe you just can't really really wait for it! >n< ;; I promise to have the song finished with Tsuki right awayyyyy~ 8D -shot-


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