Questions! DX

2010/05/11 04:08
1.) Why cant people forgive so fast? I mean. The person says sorry and all --but it still hurts. ;A; is it okay to forgive someone even if your heart hurts badly? OTL

2.) In a relationship, Is it okay to be selfish? I i even have the right to be selfish..>__> /goes in a corner and cries TT___________TT

3.) Does being sick/tired affect your mood? its because probably my mind's being affected with my cold/tiredness...and so i think irrationally. I think. <--is tiredness a word?

4.) Is being a childish a bad thing? OTL <--is that a proper grammar

so yea. thats the list of questions I have in mind atm..>___>

I'll answer this up tomorrow. T__________T
Its 4:07 in the morning ;A;
and i cant go to bed. D: since im thinking a lot of stuff D;


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1.) People cant forgive fast because it still hurts. and it has pride in them. :)
2.) And yes It is okay dear :) sometimes you deserve some attention..especially if you were on a relationship. not just friends. :) more quality time i think?
3.)Yes I think. :)
4.) Well. I know you a lot haru. So you being childish is cute :) adorable is the exact words :3

thanks pala nung gabi ahaha. enjoy kami. mas lalo na ung drawing game at syempre ung sequence. the best ka talaga :)))
sa uulitin! next summer ule! :))))

sorry orz

You can forgiving anyone for anything in any amount of time. Something like forgiving depends on the person and whether or not he/she wants to forgive.

I would say yes here, because from my experiences, it seems like many people tend to exaggerate when they use the word "selfish", when they really are not so selfish at all.

Yes, they affect your mood.

Being childish is fine as long as you can be mature for the necessary situations, such as at a job.


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