Quick Blog: Myoon ~ :33

2010/05/17 06:22
Hi guys :33 Haru here ~ Just want to make a quick blog xD

Okay its 6:00 am in the morning, xD I'll be heading off to CEU around 6:30 xD
(YES. I'll enroll. I'm turning 2nd year 8D)

back to business ~

1st of all I would like to say thank you so much for the 15~9 people who view this blog everyday xD well just seeing the view counter in my blog makes me inspired to make lolblogs since at least 9-15 people view it everyday. xD arigatoo nee ~ *bows*

okay second, XD
I change my persona theme xD
Its really cute since It fits my blog perfectly <3
new persona
(ouch I bit my lips just now D:) Okay soo ~ I got interested at this Persona when The Enis Chat Started talking about Figma's :33 Actually I just found out that Apol here likes figma's (LOOK AT HIS SMEXY FB PIC IF YOURE HIS FRIEND *A* apol + figma + bed = harugasm)
So I decided to buy him an Original figma on our first monthsary :3
and soooo I've asked Shiki to recommend me where to buy figma's since I saw her blog (http://distortedmelody.blog131.fc2.com/blog-entry-2.html ) That she has a cute Miku *kawaii nee* So she gave me a site from Wasabi Toys and It was soo cute and all >w<
Then they introduce Snow Miku and its definitely Cute ~~~ <3
So there ya go. :3 Actually got a Nendroid Luka for Apol ~ :3 I'll send it on May 20 ~ so that he'll received it around 21

Our 1st (YES WERE GOING FIRST TTATT <-- happy ) Monthsary = May 21 2010 <3

Next ~

Mmm. I havent Thank you guys properly ~ so Thank you soo much 400+ Subs ~ OwO
I was shocked since that day is still the day that I uploaded my Let Me Be With You ~
XD In one day (the day didnt finished yet lol) I got my 400th sub xD
My 400th is my new daughter Yami-chan ~ but Apol claims it too XD soo theyre both my 400th subbies ~ <3 I love them *w* b

I guess Kran's mixing and Flute hypnotizes the people to sub me xD
haha xD

and ooh right XD

Yesterday We just created a new family We call it the Raep Family XD (YES. RAEP. XD -shot-)
members are: JSR, Eli-chan, Yuuri, and Shockl8 ~ XD Its funny because we try to teach Jsr how to moan, XD and We guys fight over Yuuri on which side she should join 8D
We do voice call and Eli-chan and Yuuri are soo cute *w* Im going pedo for them ~ xD
Mmm. were gonna have our first project which is Tsureppetan I think x3
But we'll change it though hee hee xD
^ sounds soo wrong ~

Okay done blogging hee hee <3 thanks for reading this random blog =w= //
sore jaa ittekimasu ~~ !

Ah right ~ xD
I'm Sorry If I havent replied to profile comments lately XD <3
and If Im being a bad subscriber xD -shot-
I promise I'll reply quickly =w=

Oh right right XD I forgot to say, xD
Ive been invited by Apol and Kopan to do the Listen! by K-on xD
(Theyre gonna make a band edition) Sooo. I was shocked after Apol let me hear the link xD since my vocals are not for Mio xD its more of a Yui one XD
so wish me luck guys ~ x3 <3

I wanna buy a rilakkuma ;w;

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Congratz for the upcoming monthsary, harucchi, both of you are definitely the most perv----*cough* I mean, sweet and romantic couples ever >w< (wow, my brother wants that nendroid so bad too ^^)

... what are you teaching my grandpa, my grandma, and my mama, harucchi ;_; why are you teaching them lewd stuffus behind my back! NowI'msocuriousthatIwannaseetoo*cough cough*

Good luck for the singing, you'll definitely do well! <3333 Looking forward it -ready to stalk-


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