21 is coming near ~~

2010/05/19 17:44
Ah~~ time sure goes fast ~ =w=
Its like just April 21 when Apol confessed to me and right now its May 19, 2 more days till we'll have our first monthsary ~ =w= Tokidoki? HAII DESU!

Ah last night, Apol got jealous o///w///o ♥
apparently he's so shy to say everything..
And me , as being dense as I am kinda misunderstood his actions D: I told him he was boring and so he went afk (YES A BAD GF IS BAD D8)
Later on I realized my mistakes and I promised Apol I would try to change ~ ^___^
I think its our first misunderstanding o///w///o

Okay~ how's life for me =w=
mmm. raep family has gotten bigger :3 we added 2 new members my Chiaki (Akuawind) and Suvi (Suvi) yay more members :333

Ah right ~ Eddie-dear (jsr) and I would do a duet which is Secret~ Black Vow~
Im sure itll be epic since Eddie-dear and Eli-dear will be participating this blog ~ =w= v
But we'll pause it since Eli-dear will be on vacation ~ =w=

Oh right Congratulate Eli-dear~ *w* she has like 102 subs as for now ~ BANZAI!!
She'll be singing the Epic "Sayonara Memories" =w= b itll be epic since Eli-dear sounds like Gazelle *w* ♥

Mmm. Ah , I'll do a Voice Acting with my Chiaki ~
The link of the Clip we would be dubbing is this one:
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxQedJLQUx4 ) I hope it isnt copyrighted though ~ =w= Oh well ~ =w= ;;
yeah so i call him my chiaki for that reason ;3 I hope moonie-chan wont get mad at me =w="

Next~ D8
This is a horrible news I heard yesterday. Prolly the cause of my abnormality that day XD
We're like "wtf?" when we heard it ;w; So the copyright was the "Hello Beans Song"
from Kannagi ;A;
So he had to make a new account ~
link: http://www.youtube.com/user/suntamujp
I feel terrible that day D8

So im sorry if i havent blog yesterday xD

Okay today~ I cleaned my msn (hotmail) , and my yt~ so clean sugoiiii!
clean 89

mmm. =w=
I havent posted this ~ but I have a double on my osu ~ mitee ~ :33
double S =w=
Im not showing off..its just. Im proud of it xD
its like the cutest song on osu evaar! x3

mou mou ~~
its time ! =w=
Thanks for reading haru-baka's entry today ~ ! :hoshi:



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