Ragnarok Online

2010/05/22 23:42
My sleep over to shock was being cancelled because I played RO =A=
YES. IM A BAD PERSON WHEN IT COMES TO GAMES. ;w; I get hooked easily...

Anyway :3

We (The enis) played ragnarok again weee ~ *w*
We even have the Guild called "Enis United" being Kran as the guild leader :33
(see blog -> http://kran117.blog127.fc2.com/blog-entry-13.html)

And Its pretty awesome that Shiki is helping us *w* She's a good buffer ! 8D

So here's my cute chars <33


Thats my xHaruChiii (Champion) and xHaruHaru (High Wizard)
Shiki gave us 1m to start off with our chars <3 but the headpiece from xHaruChiii came from shiki *w* YAY FREE!!

so for around a couple of hours ~ my cutesy chars changed and ~ <3


xHaruChiii became a Suri and xHaruHaru became a warlock <3
I love the warlock <3

*w* b epic nee <3
Ah right right ~ Ritz and Apol joined too *w*
We guys started in the same day =w= b
Ritz = epic sniper
Apol = Cross assassin
*______* v

So this ends my blog <3
JOIN US 8D if you want =w= b

Oh btw ~ theres a community of fc2 youtubers here :33
you guys want to check it -- > http://blog131.fc2.com/control.php?mode=sns_community&process=community_detail&community_key=18453

Thats all ~~ <3


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RO server

What is the server that you are playing?
I play RO as well! The server I play is DreamerRO!! :3

OAO My server is DreamerRO too >w< Yay lucky <3

O.O DreamerRO as well??
OMG >w< I hope I can find you there :3


Im always at ~~
Caspen 125 206 x3 <3
thats our hang out place *w* b

Harucchi and Haru-chan @___@ I'm confused....

boo, my friends invited me to intenseRO... different server T____T boo....

We are both Haru, but I'm Harumi (haru-chan for short). IntenseRO?? never hear about it! Is it good?

I'm always at Caspen too!! :3
Near the Inventor cleaner!! (Caspen 183 184)
You have skype!! o/
Mine is harumi.chan1, please feel free to add me :3

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