Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2010/05/30 17:15
*Updated on August 04 2010*

Sometimes on my part its kinda get tiring if you answer a lot of questions with the same answer so I'm posting this one up xD

Q: Why "icestrawberrycream" ?
A: Its because of the DQ ice cream :33 It should be StrawberryBanana but someone claimed it already TTATT soo icestrawberrycream xD die with my long username! >:D

Q: Your fandubs, do you use your original voice on them?
A: I dont know. o A o i think the singing voice is different from the normal ones. o A o so yeaaa..

A: because I feel like it. OwO <3 I stalk people I love <3

Q: What programs to you use?
A: I use two ~ Audacity for my raws and Adobe Audition from my mixes =w= <3
as for the video, Sony Vegas 9.0 owo b

Q: What Mic do you use?
A: Pro Tools Vocal Studio o w o b

Q: Can I be on your YT family?
A: Yup ^w^ just atleast talk to me for like 15x xD? I like big families x3 <3

Q: Online Bestfriends?
A: OAO;; thats too personal. Nyaa-chan :3 and sun xD

Q: Are you open on any Duets/Choruses/Collabs ?
A: Yup. :3 But I'm pretty picky on the people to have a collab with xD;; like who's the mixer, chorus members, is the person good at singing or not. ^w^ <3

Q: Why do you need a Vocal Checker?
A: Because I suck. =w= Kran's my Vocal / Mixing Checker. :3 But She's on Hiatus right now =w= SO LISTEN TO MY FAILS!! 8DDDDDD

Q: How did you and Apol got Together ?
A: He confessed..o//////o he's mine ; A ;

Q: Singing Techniques ?
A: Water every retakes xD

Q: how do you make your dubs soo good?
A: Erm oh. x3 i always sing with my reference songs x3 I sing track by track then listen (solo button) on audacity, if its good I'll go with it hee hee x3

Q: Vocal Range?
A: On notes? Erm idk D: but i can do high pitch ones xD;; not like Palette ones i think xD;;

Q: How to get many subs?
A: I seriously dont know too.. OAO;; they just add me up xD;;


Q: Do you sub for sub ?
A: NO!! D8< /blows fire
Read my description on YT please xD

Q: Skype / Msn / Ym ?
A: Skype: HaruhiStrawberry / MSN: / YM: PRIVATE :3

Q: Youre so hyper and cheery , do you get negative sometimes?
A: yup I do. XD I also have those days x3 /slits whole arm

Q: How did you made your background and avatar?
A: I didnt, Apol made them for me, Because I suck at photoshop and so ; A ;

Q: Why arent you replying to my comment profile ? ;A;
A: if that was like 937498274 weeks ago, im sad to say i cant anymore, since im bored ;A; sorry.

Q: Where can we mostly stalk you?
A: OAO i get stalkers?! lol! XD Twitter and facebook o w o b YT too xD

Q: What dubs are you singing?
A: Vocaloid, Touhou, Meme's,Anime Covers, anything japanese (j-pop thingys) but im mostly on Vocaloid and Touhou <3

Q: Can we ask you to request for a song ?
A: *too lazy to move* sorry not accepting at the moment ; A ;

Q: Can you do some mixing for us please? ; A ;
A: Yes i would love to mix your cover <3 it'll be my pleasure <3

thats' all i think x3
<3 personal questions can get through me by PM'S :3


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