Happy June 1 Everyone \\ *w* //

2010/06/01 04:04
Happy June To everyone x3 <3

So while My Apol is on brb I decided to make this blog *w* and pop it around 4 am xD
since it has some entry setting down there, I wanna try it xD <3

Okay x3 First things first x3 <3

My friends and I ate some nice Ice creams 8D <3
I got my 5 scoops of vanilla ice cream (yum) anyway x3 While I was away x3
my friend gave me a mp3 that she ripped from my YT and and the one ripped from K-ON's original Yui and and combined it together XD
I was like "WTF. D: why did you did that?"
her: "to prove that you sounded like Yui!"
(I dont really want to be compared to Yui D: seriously)

So she wanted me to guess which Pan I am xD
If you guys want to guess it too, here's the link :3
Which Pan I am ? XD
Luckily my Hun , Shock, and Chiaki Guessed it right xD
as for Eddie-dear xD *pat pat*

My sub count is increasing rapidly D:
I'll sing something again DX AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Ah right x3 did you guys see that Ive changed my cute Miku Pic ? x3 I've changed Miku to Rin xD since my Apol is my seme Len *A* And I'm his uke Rin =///w///=
anyway LenxRin is fitted to us because were like a shota-loli couple XD
*i wonder what will happen if we have a duet?XD childrens duet ftw*

That ends my blog x3 since Apol's back x3 <3 (I just finish taking a shower )
I'll chat with him now x3 I'm gonna kill fc2 if they wont post this around 4 am!! D:<


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lol children's duet ahaah


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