Haru says Thank you for her 160 subs ~ \\(´・ω・`)//

2010/04/06 03:39
160 subs

Okay Okay I was really shocked I would reach 160th sub ~
yeah i know that it is far from having those gazillion subs like nigahiga and all ~
hey im not really expecting it to be like that XD
almost my vids are faildubs. :x

At first my goal is just to reach 50 subs ~ xD yes im pretty happy with 50 subs xD
I always dreamed of 50 people just listening to me ~ just 50 people ~~ ;w;
*starts to emo cry* XD I just wanted someone out there to listen to me and appreciate my voice ~ but now omg 160 subs *cant handle the pressure*

but now omg look ~
BlitzAce *RAI w/c is im a big fan of him btw* is replying at me ~
CleanlyKurin*w/c im kinda stalking her since she's awesome* subbed me and
Suntamu-kun *the guy who ALWAYS makes me feel so better* also comments of my profile ~
MermaidMikele who dubbed TinaChan90's Renai Circulation also subbed me ~ ♥
DREAM? YES IT IS ! im soo happy ~~ its like impossible for me since Im like soo amateur and all but yes ~ THEYRE TALKING TO ME!! *fanscream*( ´Д`) <-- gay

*i wish i can do a duet with them someday ~ [壁]・。)ジー <--hiding. haru youre gay.*

Theres ALOT of people who is commenting on my profile too ~ x3
I got a sister ~ Hoshii-chan~ Then Theres JackSparrowRon w/c is I found him soo nice to chat with since He's really funny (´・ω・`) NuriNuriNuri-Chan who always keep me smiling when she comments and Ethie too *she just came back from fiesta~ she's my imouto* and Cherrie *she's awesomely kawaii!* and OMG NOT TO MENTION MY PRONCH BABY ~ I love them all ♥ ~ x3

And not to mention Haru *me* has stalkers ( ゚Д゚) <--gay again
which is MetalOverlord and FlorianHeart They were awesome yes ~
I cant even say THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR STALKING ME ~ So I'll just say thanks to them here ~

=note: I will feature my YT friends and subs and stalkers here ~ when i say feature~ INDIVIDUALLY. xD Give me more time then xD=

anyway. lemme tell you guys why i dont fandub anymore these weeks. well these days i listened to my fandubs and i was kinda depressed how my voice sounded the same. well like my magnet. seriously it sounded the same. So I decided to be on a hiastus mode for the time being~
to mm take a break from my fugly voice xD *slaps self*

Oh btw sorry if i didnt have a blog entry last time ~ Its because my fingers are hurt from typing ./cries ~ i type a lot of comments yes. xD im sorry if i cant handle em all ~ Σ(゜д゜;)

☆ Haru Says sorry to the people she didnt reply on skype, msn, ym and fb ~ Im a little lazy <--she admits it Σ(゜д゜;) and my hands hurt and and.. sorry DX
i cant handle you guys at a time ~ (*´Д`) I even didnt know there was a guild fight between my guildies -shot-

Once again ~ Thank you soo much for subbing to me ~ if you have questions ~
feel free to ask here > Click Me Please ~ (´・ω・`)

Thank you guys again ~ you just keep my day wonderful ~
and suntamu-kun if you read this ~
Dont forget your promise to me pleaasee! KYAAAAAAAAAA!

Youtube People are EPIC ♥
I love you guys ~

P.s ~ Drop by to clap and comment to me ~ claps and comments *even visits* are appreciated ♥ Oh right ~ and if you leave your email on the comments section ~ i would give you some messages too ~ *-* yay !

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