2010/06/05 00:57
Today Haru went to the bank to deposit something, but then she found out that the bank relocated ;w; /cries

soo anyway ~ I bought 2 books!! *w*


Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong (Bob Ong = Fave Author) and Japanese English Dictionary x3
I just grab for fun x3 (I have a pocket dictionary one but..*w* yea)

Thats all for today ~ x3 <3

HST!! xD
HST = Haru Spam Taimu lol XD

I forgot to put this one xDDD

a preview of my melt x___x
some parts are off tune. OTL
I hate you melt!! Dx

-haru x3
When life never gets more crazy x3

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omgish haru~ you're so cute
you remind me of those lost anime girls hahaha.. i can imagine your reaction when you found out the bank was relocated 8D
and thanks for reminding me about the jap dictionary ._.".. i need one DX
your melt is uber cuteness! you'll be able to overcome those notes! GOODLUCK!


Congrats on the new books~! >w<b
Melt. one of the most epic songs that there is. Don't worry! I'm sure you'll get those notes! owo


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