omg sorry for not updating D:

2010/06/13 13:05
Last night I just remembered I have a blog to update regularly. *sulks*
Well I had been busy -shot- for days. xD
I wanna update lots but I cant remember what should I update or not. xD
and mmm. I'm truly sorry D:
seeing my blog count *just now* made me guilty so therefore I have to make another stupid blog for you guys. xD

Mmm~ First things first! xD
I was busy all the time because of our birthday chorus for Chiaki. (or Akuawind)
I was the mixer and I just realized mixing hard. ;w;
I didnt took the possibilities that different mics differ. xD
sooo yeaaah ~ here's the final chorus. XD

sorry for the bad and lame mixing.. >A>;;

there ya go. xD I simply love the animation and the icon! (Thanks to Apol and Bira /o/)
although I think Apol got jealous because I moaned there. D;
*sorry Apol. I'll moan to you later. -shot-*

Next ~ xD

Haru sang BokuMote XD it was actually inspired by Apol's cute bokumote. =////w/////=
*thats my current message alert tone! <3 xD*
(ofc i love my yuuri ver too *Q* *drools*)
I originally planned to sing it on a lowered pitch but i sound very very very manry. >A>
So I just decided to sing the original pitch XD and im proud to say I'm the first one who sang it with the original pitch <3 YAY <3
Oh I added some yandere parts too xD To tell you guys the truth. I'm not a loli. 8D
im a yan yan. <3 yan yan's are coool. *strikes an epic pose*

( Link: )

oh riight!! I should add this one too~ x3
yuuri sang and I mixed it~ x3 <3


Next <3

Apol and I made a Hello Soybeans! Song >w<(from Kannagi I havent watched Kannagi but I liked the parody they did XD I also fell in love with Kurin's and Ethie's covers x3)
I kinda addicted to Apol's cute manry voice xD so when im down , I listened to it xD and it boosts my energy. >w<

Link to Apol's Hello Soybean:
(I just want to share it with everyone) o///////o
I loled when he called my Sun, Sun-chan xDD
it was super funny LOL!
Link to Haru's Hello Soybean:
>A> Blaaagh. Its not as awesome as Apol's though.. xD oh well~ x3


I mixed Eddie-dear and ShounenT's JBF Wanko Ver. *w*
*kira kira* and theyre sooooooo sound like OAO
So eddie-dear = ShounenT
(im a big fan of shounenT o/////o because he is awesome kyaaaa!!)
here's a box link:
*guess which pan is he 8DD *


We (Yoru, Ritz and I) were having a collab acute, XD apparently were in those times that we redo stuff and so, (right now were waiting for ritz' redo) OH I THINK SHE SENDED IT OAO
i'll check later~ D;

anyway xDD For the laughs, I decided to auto-tune our acute xDDD
and its soo funny xDDD
I find it funny how the auto-tune plays with our voices XD especially Yoru's. xDDD


Haru took a haircut! XD
Now I haz teh bangs! XD
and it feels refreshing xD <3
ofc I'm not gonna post a pic here =A= (look at my fb D8)
I shouldn't take a pic but Apol has been bugging me all the time for it~ xD (seriously he's bugging me everyday for it >A> no matter how hard the topic I tried to change..XD;; ) I kinda gave him though XD when because I think he was really down yesterday (idk he feels down imo. so I thought just getting a pic would somehow cheer him up Dx I hope he did *dies* DX)


I'll be doing collabs for Petenshi, Vanilla Salt >w< Im soo excited on the outcomes weee!! ~ x3
oh right I should write here the Subs special I'm planning to have x3

666th subs - Bad Apple (or idk. Bad apple hates me >A>)
700th subs - Thank you for being Born (with Kuro as a duet)
800th subs - Kuro Chikai smth (with Eddie-dear as a duet)
900th subs - Kurumi Ponchio (with Apol as the guitar)
1000th subs - Ura Omotte Lovers

soo yea. i dont think I'll reach 1000th subs though XDDD
1000 subs is too much @A@

im still working on my bad apple. but idk nomico hates me. -shot-


Ah, Eyes-chan ( and Danny-kun (*we havent talked that much yet, but I sense a great awesomeness around him x3 and he is actually my self proclaimed "other" me 8D * has a fc2 blog! x3 <3
YAY I'm so happy many uses fc2 blog x3 because I can stalk em -shot-

so here are their blogs x3
Eyes-chan: Soundless Lachrymose
Danny-kun's: スーパダニーのブログ
*you can even vandalize -shot- at danny's blog.. LOOK WHAT I DID LOL*
cute blog

BOOKMARK THEM ~ =w= <3 they're awesome peopleee ! *w*

and someone help me how to put music on this stupid blog XD
its getting plain XDDD <3 LOL -shot-

Okay im done!! ~~

did I miss anything? OAO;;
oh yeah

THANK YOU 658 SUBS >w< *throws confetti's*

My whole world revolves on you o//w//o

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