Blog entry 64 !

2010/06/16 11:14
Yesterday I got eyes-chan's Palette Vocals x3 I was amazed *A* she's really sings good *O*
so when I got her vocals, the first thing that pops on my mind was "MUST. REDO."

soo yesterday was Kurin's birthday ~ and we're very happy that Kurin liked our kimi no taion x3

Mixing: Kran
Video: Kran
Messages: Haru

Kran did a good job on singing and animating x3 <3
it was just last week when she started doing it all so the animation was simple, and that cant be helped. x3
Kran is still recovering you know =w= ;;

oh oh, classes has started here in the philippines. x3 that makes me lonely OTL
no more fun people to be with.. I'll just play some games atm xD

thats all I guess ~ ^w^ ;;
sorry OTL

- Haru

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