2010/06/21 13:20
Our date with Aporuu was cancelled xD
It was father's day last sunday and he went to his family <3
well family is more important right ? x3 <3

thats fine in my part x3
Since when he came back, he gave me a wonderful time x3<3
like saying how serious he was in our relationship, and how much he loves me >/////<
He also said a manry "I love you" (seriously it is soo manly. O__O was shocked when i heard it. i was like "is that apol?") before we went to sleep <3
(it was 3:00 am i think. OTL we should seriously stop sleeping late)

and oh he dedicated his epic tengaku to me <3
Im amazed how much he improved x3 <3 I love you my hun hun x3 <3
Thanks you for giving me such an amazing present on our monthsary <3
I'm sorry I didnt gave you one though, You pretty much know I'm working hard on the palette QAQ *sniff*

Speaking of videos x3
Theres one awesome MMD maker who dedicated a kero 9 destiny MMD with my vocals on it *O*
Im thanking him soo badly *A*

I cant put the video OTL
it made my blog glitch or smth
so here's the link <3


I absolutely adore it *O*
ohh he even put reimu there <3 reimu was one of my fave chars in touhou <3
Oh here's his link btw: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kamen8211
^w^ Thank youu soo much <3
Sub him as possible <3

Palette Update:
1.) Vocals done
2.) Harmonies done

Still needing:
Bass cover <3
Haru's retarded paking screamo 8DDDDDDD

( yes were making it a band cover *O*
sugee nee <3 )
^ aporu's idea

animations will be done by aporuu
and mixing (instrumentals) will still be done by aporuu xD
you might wonder what did I do =w=
well..nothing =w=
I'm giving him a hard time 8D
(satanic gf ftw)

that ends my update for today x3 <3


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LOL *eats you*
hauuu sorry hun nacancel yung date >.<
yaan mo may next time pa naman /o/
and Happy monthsary ulit <3


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