and soo im blogging<3

2010/07/27 14:38
Hii guys ~ hisahiburi nee owo <3
now that my daddy's burial is finished , the last days of July will be my slacking days ~ *sleeps*
when August arrives I'll be busy everyday ; w ;
so i better finished ALL my dubs / collabs / etc :3

unfinished dubs:
o Thank you for being born (w/kuro) --- Redoing (50%)
o Utauyo!! Miracle (w/Sia) -- 0%
o Toeto (ytc) -- 0%
o Juvenile -shot- -- 0%
o Kuro himitsu thingie --- CANCELLED.
o Adolescence (duet ready with Len *w*) - 0%
o Nyan Nyan Medly (w/ yami) -- 0%

thats all I think =w= ;;

Apparently my net is b****ing me right now so I cant do anything. OTL
I hope there isn't a virus or so , D;

anyway ; w ; after i came back, I was informed (or atleast heard) about three breakups (2 ol and 1 irl), and one relationship that is soon about to break (idk) i really really feel bad about them, but pair 1 (guy) is trying to bring back their relationship. ; w ; as for pair 2, himitsu ~ <3
as for the soon-to-break-up couple..lets just watch. owo since im against it. =x
(since the uke tends up to be hurt and drinking much alcohol. watching your friend to be like that is painful to bear ya know D:<)

This current breakup-ups worries me D: I hope our relationship wont be stained WE WONT LET OUR RELATIONSHIP BE STAINED!! D8 well so far, our relationship is going okay =////w////= i hope he doesnt get bored and tired on me though ; A ; *raeps apol*

oh. I'm currently active on twitter. <3

and starting tomorrow i'll update my blog regularly *w* yay ! <3

oh oh!
listen to my hun hun's love is war btw. =////w/////=

off now to bake on baking life B3


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Boy you sounded busy. I'll be looking forward to keep reading your blog mmmkay?


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