Moody is Moody

2010/08/01 13:30
Yesterday my aporu is soo moody. he haz teh mens. so for the whole day he was mad at me. ; A ;
Im sorry for fangirling some guy and for not telling that im sleepy ; A ; (I kinda slept around 3 am and he waited around an hour XD) sorry hun ; w ; but youre really cute when your jealous. <3 *drools* although it hurts when you get mad at me ; A ; i cant bear it when youre mad. ; A ; and sorry if I have this thoughts of you breaking up with me ; w ; (its because I always hurt you and sometimes I do something that offends dont deserve to be hurt. youre too cute ; A ; so its better if you find someone who will really make you happy ; A ;) but then again, I cant live without you OTL so yeah. sorry for thinking that stupid stuff. ; A ;

oh oh the day before that aporu recorded one of my fave song for me *w*
his uragiri no yuuyake from drrr!
and asdsdjalksadfk he's soo manry ! <3
listen * A *
asldsdjalsdjsdasd * A *
im drooling blood. *Q*

next ~ <3

I uploaded my Marisa Stole my Precious Thingie, it was really really hard ;A;
^ watch it here (i cant post the vid because its on HD. ff. my blog will be distorted)

The mixing was hard and so was the vocals, I'm having a lot of trouble singing the chorus because its the time aporu and I had a fight ; A ;
(even kran commented the chorus part became boring)


okay thats all ~ /o/
august is coming so i'll be busy <3
but im sure i can upload my ShiningRay and Thank you for being born before the month ends. :3

yes i am hary. chiaki said that. B3

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o//////o I love you hun, sorry kung may period ako -shot-
di na mauulit ehee di ko din kaya na mawala ka ;A; I LOVE YOU~


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