Hello once again <3

2010/08/03 11:41
Hii guys >w< //
I have to blog again <3

well the last last day, Apol and I promised atleast not to fight ever again ; w ;
I hope we wont have any problems again. D: Apol, I'm sorry if I'm a burden to you ; A ;
no more crying for us okay? >w>;;
(were having dramas since this week but we pulled it off. YAY WE DIDNT BREAKUP! TAKE THAT JULY!! >:D <3 )

and yesterday
My cousins and I went to my cousins wedding (lolwhut) it didnt last 15 mins LOL.
so yea we ate at max and went home and I fell asleep (14:00-19:00 ftw)
when i woke up aporuuu was already home and we voice called *A*
I WANNA CRY ; A ; ITS OUR FIRST CALL EVER IN THE 3 MONTHS OF OUR FFFF RELATIONSHIP ; A ; atlast! i've been waiting for this moment ; A ; *thank you for hearing my prayers, oh our great creator <3*

=//////////= he sang to me, moan to me -shot-, and played his asdhmgalkfk gitah for me =/////= and he's sooo cute when he laugh or talk *A*
i hope puberty wont come in him forever!!

and soo for the whole night. I was fangirling his voice *secretly*
but my sister is being a asmdsauhdsa on me soo theres alot of me talking to my sister for a lot of time XD (i hope he doesnt get mad at that. D;) and fffffff he sang renai ! RENAI !! asoimdhsaoi i wanna record it ; A ; -shot-
*/////* i love you apooooruu *fangirls* MARRY ME NOW!! XD

okay that ends my blog, i have to go to ceu naw. <3
baii ~ /o/


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problems, dramas and so on. A promise to end the fighting. A conflict is just another trial for making sure bond stronger if you can overcome it. I can't tell if you two want to be independent from each other for a while or really that much in love.


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