2010/08/11 01:14
OKAY I SPILLED SOME WATER ON MY LAPTOP SO ITS MALFUNCTIONING RIGHT NOW. well its just the keyboard. so im using an external keyboard to type. owo b
it usually does auto scroll down and have a eerie sound coming from it, D:
anyway. I'll blog about my water spill incident next time, for now, i'll blog our first-semi-date (since its actually a group meetup) with Apol <3 yay
(Dear Apol, you're too lazy to blog. your blog site is having molds. kthxbaii. - love, haru)

So its from Aug 05 (or is it 06) we enis decided to have a group date o w o b
they decided that it would be on aug 7, but ritz has a 6-7pm class so the date was moved to aug. 8

the time was actually 10, pm but everyone came around 11 LOL!!
(dont ask the details)
the first people who arrived were the 3 latest girls evar. (YES ITS A MIRACLE!!) -- it was me, shock and ritz. :3 Ritz came first, then me, then shock xD
We seriously planned to hide on the second floor (in front of the starbucks/below tokyo tokyo. Tokyo tokyo= meeting place) to stalk/hide from apol lol. yeah and so we waited. xD suroy came in next, we waited more and while waiting, we girls chat by comparing our boobs lol. (RITZ = WINNER) so we went to artwork, look at some tee's and xephy arrived. <3 and yeah we chatted *w* i was like blocking ritz to xephy xD and ritz blocking me xD (there was a blackout incident in trinoma where ritz and i came hugging xephy. prolly xephy was WTF-ing that time) then Kanis came next <3 she was so preettyy <3
when we were planning where to hide somewhere then apol came. xD
epic running. ehe. <3
and so i hugged him *i think idk* and yeah we went to eat lunchie ! <3

while the boys are on the KFC to buy lunch o A o
we girls are chatting xD
and we then we ate o w o our meal was like 155 php each guh. but it was 2 bucket meals and mash potatoes and gravies.xD
(inside joke: shock: pinagbabawal ba ung religion nila?)

soo after our tummies got full, we waited for Saku then we went up to check the movies. o A o

but apparently we missed the first screening of the movie (next screening would be around 15:00)and so we decided to just sing on red box <3 and while theyre checking out what time we will sing (i forgot the title of that.. it was happy hour i think) we played on timezone arena. xD
it was awesome*w* kuya suroy was really epic on guitarmania *A* b or (is it guitarfreaks) xD Ritz beat Apol on the same game too xD
xephy and shocked played tekken 6 and the girls play on some basketball owo and so forth xD

around 14:30 when Silver came, She was soo cute >w< i wanna pinch her cheeks <3
we ate kfc and then went to register at red box

and when 15:00 came, we went to redbox and sang <3
( i cant tell all of our songs but it was fun!) From 15:00~ 19:00 we sang xD (except xephy who left around 16:00 ; A ;. Apol was also about to leave around 17:00 but i stopped him 8D so he left around 19:00 = w = )
I was seriously got awed by Silver's voice. <3 her "eyes on me" was epic. <3 and Suroy was awesome too *w* I love his screamos xD
Apol joined the fun and he sang too >w< Shock also was fun xD she danced on the careless whisper song xDD it was funny omg XD and oh silver and kanis are also funny xD theyre like interpreting the song xDD i loled alot when they interpret the song " a whole new world" It was a pretty amazing night and it was fun! <3 *A* b i hope i could sing with em again XD

before we left, Apol gave me this epic necklaceee <3 OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOU APOL <3
; A ; this is like the best gift ever! <3 wait I love all your gifts ; A ; <3
ALL OF IT. <3 and yeaa. o A o while having fun, apol and I kissed. o A o silently.
oh gah. my first kiss with apol o//////////o *blushes*

so after around 19:00 we bid farewells xD
shock, ritz, saku went together
Silver and Apol went togother
and Suroy, Kanis and I went together

everyone was tired when they arrived home. and they dont have any voice. xD

okay I think that ends my blog ~

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o///////////////o *speechless*
I love you ;/////;
I miss you ;//////; <3

hahaha XD religion LMAO .. uwaaa careless whisper dance ;__; I swear that drink has smth in it D:

Grats on otou san and okaa san's first kissu together!


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