Updates! (Part 2 of 3)

2010/09/01 01:23

Lets start updating! (yeah baby /o/)

✿ Singing Alias: 春 // still haru ✿
( changed to kanji since I like the definition of "Spring" of it :3 )
✿ Blog layout changed ✿
( thanks to my awesome bf apol for modifiying it :3 )

✿ Added new Plug-ins ✿
( not yet done )
✿ Arranged / Edited Plug ins ✿
✿ Edited Blog Profile ✿

Thats pretty much of it : D

Omg I seriously love the template of my current blog, I love it more since Apol helped me to edit it *hails apol* and I'm sorry if I always trouble you with photoshops. OTL
atleast I know now how to quick mask ? :D I love you hun. thank you for helping me on everything I do,OTL please do tell me if im abusing you or so :3

I'll tell everything that happened this week on the 3rd update, as well as the unfinished on the 1st update :3 please bear with me , I've been furnishing this blog entry since I want a fresh new look, like my new kanji name *strikes a pose*

and oh ~ finally! *w* <3 I have decided the song I'll sing for my 1000th sub special <3
since my Apol and Kran both sang Romeo and Cinderella on their 1000th sub ,
(Kran's romeo and cin > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6zv71EIZX0&feature=player_embedded
a blog has also been made. click me
(its the best rom and cin eng translation ever ! <3)

Apol's romeo and cin > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hWSsZeYs2c&feature=sub)

I decided to join the trend to join the romeo and cin vid as the 1k special :3
I'll be singing I don't even know a millimeter of Romeo & Cinderella by Otouto no Ane
But since I cant look for a no-harmonies-mp3 of rom and cin's off vocal, I'll be singing the one with harm ;w;
preview: http://www.box.net/shared/k81nmqkyse
(sorry for the lame preview. Apol just asked me to try the song with rom and cin's off vocal with harmonies. and i was like drinking some chocolate milk. XD so I cant control my voice well. or smth like that OTL)

That ends my 2nd update /o/

see you tmr ? : D


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No title

LOL! youre not abusing me, im the one who voluntarily ask for it,
(ps. I felt jealous when you to asked for "someone's" help ;D) -shotdead-

so yeah, sorry for the lame template OTL
you can do Romeo and Cin! I know youre awesum <3
I love you hun <33


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