Hello Canada : D

2010/09/17 01:33
Omg hii guys ; w ; its been a while since I last blogged. Were trying to adjust here (well my only problem adjusting here is the very cold weather. I keep having nosebleeds all the time. well its probably because I came from a very hot country). Sometimes I miss the feeling of waking up in the morning with the sun heating your body. Here its just plain old cold. No sun to keep you warm and all. *cries again*

anyway! Even if its cold here, I'd say I love everything here. I know that "streetbuses" and "buses" are different, I do not know the difference though. . let me stay more to find it out xD and oh, its pretty clean here :DD and you'll see filipinos, chinese, japanese, other nationalities here :3 its really nice since theyre not racist and all : D suteki nee ~ /o/ and oh! everything here is like upsized. o A o you see, on mcdonalds, our large coke is equivalent to an regular coke here on Canada. It goes same as with their fries. :3 Canadian money is Pretty too :3 It doesnt get "rag-like" unlikely from the philippine money.

(okay i just wanna stay positive on this XD)

So. many people were asking me where do am I staying XD I am actually on Toronto XD the people here are kind (well the filipinos. they are : D)

And as for my relationship with Apol, were still getting stronger everyday, so no worries x3
I try to wake up as early as I can to chat with him (I go online around.. 7 am? XD) and he does the same. XD we sleep early now and we wake up early. we may not be on the same timezones but we can still chat. : D <3 (I am grabbing some wifi on our neighbors here. wktk) and he -still- calls me (he uses an Teletipid IDD card. <3)
the only problem right now is that we chat limitedly. you see, were just staying over my mom's friend. So we have to limit our charging / everything. ; A ;
but dont worry, when we get to our apartment , electricity, water and cable is free! (yay!)we just need to pay the monthly rental ($800) and the gas (cooking purposes).

as for my studies, I havent thought of it yet. Probably I'll take something computer related since I want to be with the same profession with Apol (=///u///= itll be awesome if we can work together someday) but I think I'll be taking a year on highschool. An assesment will be going on September 23. : D so yeah. : D

ah leaving my personnal life behind, Sia-chan made a preview on our chorus battle :3
link > http://www.box.net/shared/9fixx3mzfy

and ofc I tweeted the other one on twitter. And it has like 57 views : D
Thank you for the people who viewed. XD <3

ah this one:

This is really sweet <3 I do not know you personally but Thank you so much <3
(I should thank you on your yt and sub you x3 <3 this is really sweet x3 <3)

Mikami and Cherri made a little cute fanpage for us x3 <3 wow xD when I heard it I was like " lashdlashdlhsd" prolly because Apol is too popular >w>
*gives link* = http://www.facebook.com/pages/Apol-x-Haru/102063376523540?ref=nf&v=wall you guys should go like it if you like us XD

Okay this ends my blog prolly. : D thank you guys for the support x3 I'll reply to you all later /o/

p.s I cant use msn. i wonder why ; A ; p

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No title

OMGG ; yesh. ang lamig. D:
it was warm, like HOT, a week or two ago. =A=
nao its all icky and cold. D:<

LOL. way to give out your adress to the world. -stalks-
HEY~!! i dont live that far away from haru-chan~!! xD

high school~? oAo ;;
demo.. here.. you need 30 "credits" to graduate? so im confused. >A<

good luck haruu~ ganbatte nee~? <333

No title

aww have fun there ne ;w;
ah! so how big is the large coke there? OAO!
and and, aww ofc where strong, cuz we love each other ;D!
and its ok, at least we can chat even its not as long as before xD
take care kay? *hugshugs*

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