Dedications <3

2010/09/17 05:08
I forgot this special people who dedicated this song to me when I was leaving on Canada <3 Thank you guys <3

1.) Eliantii's 君の知らない物語 を歌ってみた

It was way back last year when I found her version of this one, and I instantly fell in love with her version <3 .When I was on despair, I usually listen to her song on YT or my iPod. So when I arrived home, I bursted into tears when I heard this one. Thank you Eliantii <33

2.) Kureshi , Shock and Yuuri's 変わらないもの ft. apol

I considered them 3 of my closest friends, ; A ; after I heard their cover I bursted into tears again. That song (I think its Kawaranai mono) is actually on the movie " the girl who leap through time" its such a sad story ; A ; <3
omg thank you guys ; A ; I am really lucky because I have the sweetest friends <3 I love you guys <333 (I CAME WHEN APOL SANG BTW)

and lastly.

3.) Apol's Alice

We were having a call at this time. When I heard this, I became very emotional and started to cry real loud. (even apol notices im crying D;) I kinda admit our last meeting was really quick, We didnt got to eat our favorite frozen yogurt and even ate a dinner (apol has to go already) yeah. If it was only a little more time for us to be together OTL

*Edited <3*

4.) Shiki and Kana's "Catch you catch me"

(embedding disabled)

aahh kana and shiki are the people on enis, I was really suprised they sang a song for me ;w; oh gawd. I AM SOOO REGRETTING OUR LAST MEETUP (the moa one) ; A ;

btw they really blend <3 and ccs is like one of my fave animes when i was grade 3 -shot-
thank you guys <3

5.) Chie's ちえりいん
(just the link since my blog layout will be ruined due to its hd-ness xD)

omg right now I found her one of the sweetest girl on yt now ;w; i mean <3

and the acapella is simply wonderful =///u///= <3
thank you so much chiiee <3 i really love it *A*

*edited as of Sept 18 2010*

6.) Suroy's "gambatte haru" its a mashup of 4 songs

At first I was like "oh my gawd" I love this song x3 (It was hello! Planet) then the beautiful tune became sad when "puzzle" was played (thank you apol for letting me remember the title of the song) that song seriously reminisces from a certain person I know (that guy introduced me jbf, puzzle, and etc) then he sang toeto, he was totally soo sexy =///u///= <3 and then a dedicated version of wonderlast for me ;w; <3
omg suroy you are so sweet <3 you even said such sweet words at then end <3
thank you soo much <3 and youre never late x3 thank you thank youu ~ sana makapaglaro ule tayo sa timezone x3 <3

anyway, Thank you guys ; A ; I love you so much <3
Im really lucky to have a great friends like you >w<

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