Banana Kurimu

2010/09/19 10:02
Ugh before my mom returns the wind usb wifi thingy I wanna make a last blogpost xD

now it isnt life-related but its more like youtube / youtube chorus forum related. : D


Banana Kurimu

(After many times thinking what our names should be, We still stick to the old name lol)



We're a large group of 14, Our vocal ranges varies from low to high : D
(I basically picked everyone here. Too bad I didnt get some of my faves huhuhu. ; A ; )
anyway, they are all awesome. I bet almost everyone know this individuals. :3 (yess they are awesome. <3)

Our First Chorus is Megu Megu Romantic Fever (A mashup of Megu megu fire endless night, Miki miki romantic night and luka luka night fever. I know, those 3 samfree songs you always hear. : D )

I was being tasked to do the Script (I had like 130981203 errors and questions from it. because they got confused on the colors and such. Sorry OTL ) I finished it for like 2 days. Then Apol was in charge of the instrumental (there was no available instrumental so he did it : D ) It took him 2 weeks to furnish everything. The instrumental was amazing <3 as always expected from apol <33 *w*

then the passing of vocals are next x3 well we didnt have a problem about the deadline and sort :3 well even some passed late (lol not really) their vocals are awesome so its worth the wait : D

We had problems though like Eddie-dear's lack of some parts, but luckily, Koe and Eyes were there to help us / sing some missing parts for us : D thank you guys >w< and thank you Eddie-dear for giving some time to sing this <3

Then Sia mixed everything--vocals, instrumental, adlibs, gitah cover. and it turned out so amazing everyone awed. <3 Sia-chan you are soo awesome *hails*

Everyone's vocals + Apol's instrumental + Apol's gitah + Sia's Mixing = ohmaygawdikeeploopingthesongupuntilnowlsahdlashdadasldhfasad

Preview >

right now were waiting for kuro's animation *A* I feel itll be awesome <3
the preview was already awesome <3 oh Sun's nameplates are cool too *w* <3

To everyone who reads this I hope you guys support us when our chorus is uploaded. ;w;
Since round 1 is votation we need to gather votes and all ;w; I hope I can help but I might not be here at the voting time ;A;
so please vote + support us all the way <3 thank you <3

and guys ! <3
you should totally go vote + support VocaMania too (our beloved Kurin and Kran is there. support em D<)
and the other chorus the Enis will be participating at : D (There's this Tamad group, Shock's and kureshi's group, oh oh! support Kishi and yuuri's group too : D <3 and Eli-dear's group <3 )

well since I have this fuwa fuwa feeling if everyone in enis goes up to round 2 : D
filipino pride ftw /o/

okay I shall finish my blog here /o/
thanks for reading <3


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