I am actually writing a new entry o A o b

2010/09/28 11:21
hey guys /o/
its been weeks since I last blogged.
last week everything was in a chaos ; w ;
its like drama's are everywhere D=

So yeah. XD
I have an appointment on the school tmr, 09:00 : D
im so excited <3
*A* and I think on Wednesday I'm gonna enter grade 12 :3
not bad right ? : D i mean theres a person who deleveled (same as my age) to grade 10 D=
so he just worked instead. poor guy xD

as for the course i'll be taking uhh. I think I should pursue Dentistry here, but im too small D= I have doubts that people would respect me ;w;
I want same program with apol too : D but meh. it has maths *cries*
I'll just decide what I like when im on the school : D
Its Canada, it has like 93427324240 jobs everywhere /o/
unlike philippines .__.

oh i think last week Apol went emo and gay when he read my old blog, he was kinda bit sad how I was so sweet on the old blog, So I read it (and I got burned with my fucking pics on it) there wasnt anything special on it srsly xD but yeah xD since my apol feels sad I should write an entry all about him xD

*goes to write now*


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No title

you removed your old blog QAQ
im not done reading all of the entries yet OTL
and good luck with school \ o /<3

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